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Syncing my desktop files



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    Michael Pao

    Hi Søren Schmidt,

    Sync Pool is only available for the AmberPRO units. You can use the Backup Pool as a one-way backup or map Amber X as a network drive and use a file syncing program such as FreeFileSync to achieve a similar result.

    How do I map a network drive from Amber in Windows 10 (Samba SMB)?
    How do I map Amber X as a network drive in Windows 10 (File Service)?
    How do I map Amber X as a network drive with Mac?

  • Søren Schmidt

    Hi Michael 

    Thank you for the response. 
    But the first page in the initial guides on my Desk Top Amber iX contain this  bullit:
    "Back up and sync your files to Amber".
    Later on you can even find guides on how to do both. Why confuse  users by presenting a feature that is not available? 

    Regards Søren

    PS.: I realise that I put my posting under Feature Requests which it was not. I  didn't even asked a question. Thank you for responding anyway.

  • Michael Pao

    Hi Søren Schmidt,

    The primary reason is that the Amber iX apps are used for both Amber X & AmberPRO. We agree that there should be more clarification in the initial guide regarding Sync Pool and will relay your feedback to the developers.

  • Søren Schmidt

    Thank you


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