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Amber X and Sonos



  • Official comment
    Michael Pao

    Hi Robert,

    Sonos uses Samba v1 which we currently do not support due to security reasons.

    Thank you

  • Søren Schmidt


    As of software version 13.4.1, released 12/07/2021, Sonos supports Samba  v2 and v3  (aka SMB v1 and v2).
    ( . I have checked it and it seems to work.

    Right now I am trying to play from a music library on Amber X. So far Amber seems to accept a Music library installed on Sonos, 
    but  Amber denies access when I try to play the music. 



  • Michael Pao

    Hi Søren Schmidt,

    It may be an issue with the username/password credentials. Are you able to access Amber X as a network drive from Windows/Mac computer? Also, you can try to use admin as the username if you haven't already.

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  • Søren Schmidt

    Hi Michael 

    I already have Amber as a network drive and is able to access it from Windows. My problem  is not about credentials and use of admin doesn't help.
    But even though I only have problems with connecting Amber and Sonos, I am begining to suspect that the problem lies somewhere in my settings of Windows 11. 
    I continue working in that direction.

    Regards Søren 

  • Michael Pao

    Hi Søren,

    Please wait for our Amber X OS 1.16.x release as there has been some issues that are fixed.

  • Søren Schmidt

    OK, when can we expect this release? And does it solve the problem?

  • Michael Pao

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give a quick update regarding Sonos and Amber X.

    Basically, Sonos S2 still uses NTLMv1, which is known to be an insecure and high-risk protocol that we do not support. This is an article from Microsoft as to why you shouldn't use NTLMv1:

    Other companies such as Synology appear to be reluctant to use NTLMv1 (they disabled it in DSM 7.0 and added back the option in DSM 7.0.1) and recommend reporting this issue to the manufacturer to support NTLMv2.

    EDIT: Our engineers have figured out the issue with Sonos and will implement the fix in Amber X OS (1.18.3), which should be the next release in April. Please keep an eye out for updates and report any issues you may encounter afterward. Thank you!


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