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How to back up the entire content of Amber X disk(s)



  • Amber Support

    You can view the contents of your Amber X by logging into the Amber X OS web interface as the admin and opening File Explorer app. You can view your files as well as other users in User Homes as a precaution.

  • Søren Schmidt

    Thank you for the answer.

    Yes, I can view all the files, but I can't acces them from a BU-process. Terms like "Personal", "Public" and "User Homes" seems to be just headlines, not folders that can be accessed. At least my BU-process denies connecting them. Therefore I have to have several back up processes to back up everything. If I e.g. add a new user, I also have to create a new BU-process for that user. Ideally I would prefer to have a file system with a  top folder  containing everything. Then I could back up everything in one single process,  But it would be  satisfying  if just "Personal", "Public" and "User Homes" were accessible folders.


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