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    Michael Pao

    Hi Clifton,

    1. You are able to share the folder of your mobile phone's backup with others. Some of the features that we do not have at the moment in comparison to Google Photos Partner Sharing are: sharing photos of specific people, sharing starting from a specific date, and automatically saving shared photos.

    How do I share files with others?

    2. We expect to have album sharing in early September.

    Thank you for your support and feedback! We will submit your feature requests to our internal team.

  • Clifton Funakura

    I just received and setup my Amber X, very nice work!

    I'm looking at alternatives to Google Photos and 2 features I use heavily are:

    1.  Partner Sharing (automatic sharing of photos taken with mobile phones between 2 people).  Is a feature like this on the roadmap?

    2.  Album Sharing.  I see Albums can be created but I don't see an option to share an entire album.  It would also be nice if shared album photos are tiled thumbnails (vs a list).  Is this on the roadmap?


    Thank you!  


  • Gaurav Arora

    I see that the Album sharing option has been added to the mobile app now. This is a great start but the album sharing at present is limited to view only. I would like to know if adding further collaboration options is already in progress e.g. Adding/Collaborating to the album by people who you have shared the albums with. I would like my family to be able to add/remove pictures OR even create new albums. 

    Can someone from AmberX team respond on this. 



  • William

    Please add feature auto backup by selected folder, because i dont want to backup all picture from my device especially Whatsapp group chat.

    And add location in people & things and filter by location. Why inside photo info geo tag is missing?



  • Nathan

    Love the device! I have been mainly using it to store digitized cassettes, CDs, records, videos, and other media I have collected over the years. I also have several documents stored on it for safe-keeping. Following are a couple of minor items that I have noticed and would love to see improved/updated:

    1) Currently, if I am listening to a song and would like to search a different folder I have to stop the song to search other folders. It would be nice if the app allowed the song to continue to play in the background while searching the Amber for a different song.

    2) Along the same lines as number one, please consider adding an audio queue feature and/or a playlist option (these would be appreciated for those of us that have a large collection of digital music). This would allow us to host our own personal "music streaming service". I'd like to keep the music stored in an organized fashion by artist & album. I also don't want to have to duplicate files to create "playlist folders".

    3) When trying to open a .doc file or a .xlsx file in the mobile Amber X app (iPhone), the app goes to a notice "This file cannot be previewed. It might be corrupted or of an unknown file format." It would be appreciated if these files could at the very least be viewed in the mobile app. If the file was editable in the app it would be fantastic, but viewable in the app should be a minimum.

    4) This may already be a feature, but I figured I'd ask it as a question here: Is it possible to have Amber automatically back-up its contents to a separate local network SSD in case of failure of the main device? I know I can manually do that, but it will be a hassle and it would take a long time to have to manually back it up every couple months.

    Overall, I love the device and am very pleased with it! Thanks for getting this on the market.


  • Michael Pao

    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for your feedback! To respond to your comments:

    1) We agree! We will be implementing a miniplayer for Amber iX Mobile similar to that on the Amber X OS and Amber iX Desktop.

    2) We also agree that playlists are a crucial aspect for any music player and we'll bump it up on our priority list.

    3) We plan to integrate OnlyOffice initially to Amber X OS and Amber iX Desktop (viewing & editing) in March. For Amber iX Mobile, we plan to have OnlyOffice integrated for viewing documents in May.

    4) For this task, we recommend mapping Amber X as a network drive and then using a file syncing service such as FreeFileSync. Please see related articles below:

    How do I map Amber X as a network drive in Windows 10 (File Service)?
    How do I map Amber X as a network drive with Mac?
    What should I do if my Amber X storage is getting full?

  • Daniel

    Along the lines of a playlist for music queue, I would like to have a playlist or queue for video files. This would make sense for watch a TV/show series set or just for home videos. It looks like casting Album of videos could be a potential tool to achieve this continuous playing of videos onto a TV, however it only suports albums with photo files at the moment.

  • Chase R

    AmberX needs to copy the folder setup that is currently used on the phone when backing up photos and documents.

    I have an Android phone and I use folders to organize things. Currently when the Amber IX app backs up my phone, it just puts everything into one folder automatically (Camera Roll) which makes things a jumbled mess. It would be super great if everything would just copy over as is in the correct folders. Thank you

  • Chase R

    This may already be a thing, and I'm just not seeing it, but is there a way to back up an entire phone?

    I use a Samsung phone, and Samsung recently ended cloud service for backups. I need somewhere to back my phone up, and AmberX would be great. Especially if I could just have my phone do all of its backups to my AmberX instead of sending my backups to Google, or one of the other services.

    When I talk about backups for my phone, I mean apps, pictures, documents, settings, home screen layouts, everything that Samsung Cloud would backup for me. Then I can just restore as/when needed. Thank you

  • Michael Pao

    Hi Chase, unfortunately, Amber is only able to automatically backup photos and videos from mobile devices. Thank you for the question.

  • Terence Whitmore

    Is there any chance we'll see Tailscale integration in the near future? I have it set up for all my other devices, but it would be nice if I could add Amber X and my additional drives as well. 

  • Amber Support

    Hi Terence, I will forward this feature request to our management team for evaluation and consideration. Thank you for the request!

  • Daniel

    I would like to see an option to shuffle or randomize the order of photo slideshows.

  • Amber Support

    Hi Daniel, we will go ahead and forward this feature request for evaluation.


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